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Zyrexin manufacturers claim that their product works the very first time you use it, and the website underlines this fact several times throughout its pages.

Okay, but just what does Zyrexin do?

Zyrexin is purported to increase sexual responsiveness, intensify orgasms and help men achieve true penis growth. Now, if you can truly witness a significant difference in all these things with the first use, it may be well worth its purchase price.

Zyrexin's website makes much of the fact that Zyrexin is the only male enhancement pill that is awarded the rights to patent # 6,673,377. However, a quick trip to the USPTO.gov shows that this patent is for an herb that promotes breast enlargement!

Zyrexin Penis Growth PillsZyrexin Company Info

Superbalife International is the primary manufacturer and distributor of Zyrexin. A Los Angeles based Nutraceuticals Company, they specialize in numerous men's health, penis growth and enhancement products. They are also US based.

Zyrexin Ingredients

The two main active ingredients in Zyrexin are as follows:

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa and Cnidium Monnier. These combined ingredients naturally increase nitric oxide release, which in turn, allows for harder erections that are more easily sustained.

The complete list of ingredients is found neither on the site, nor elsewhere on the Internet. We don't like it when manufacturers are coy about their product's ingredients.

Directions for the Use of Zyrexin

Take 2 tablets with water or juice 20-30 minutes prior to any sexual activity.


$49.95 gives you a one-month supply

Zyrexin Pros

  • Works the very first time you use it.
  • Works in less than an hour
  • Last for 24 hours
  • No known side effects
  • Helps with premature ejaculation

Zyrexin Cons

  • Because it has to be taken several minute before sex, it could affect spontaneity
  • The patent refers to a different herb, which is used for breast enlargement!

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