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All over the world men face a problem that only gets worse with age. The problem is that, over time, the male body's ability to produce testosterone diminishes to the point where his ability to function as he once did in his peak physical years begins to decline. The loss of testosterone manifests itself in a number of ways including the capacity to create and maintain large quantities of lean muscle mass and, more importantly to some, the loss of sexual drive, endurance, stamina and even the ability to form and maintain strong erections.

One good thing that men fortunate enough to be living in this age is that science and some very old herbal studies have come together to create the modern male enhancement supplement which was always designed to use generally all-natural elements to boost a man's biochemical production capabilities but due to certain advances has now become far more effective than they ever were. Ultimately, the best of these supplements have been shown to raise testosterone production in strong healthy young men who are still in their prime and for men who, often starting around the age of thirty, have begun to lose some of that ability. Even better, for men who are long past this age and have been dealing with an increasing loss of testosterone at a rate of about two percent per year these supplements have been shown to help bring them back to where they were years ago.

One downside to all of these advances is the fact that due to an exploding number of men from around the globe who are catching on to these advances there are now literally hundreds of companies and products out there that are trying to get there slice of the multi-billion dollar market in health and male enhancement supplements. This all adds up to a potentially very confusing set of choices for men who want to take advantage of the best these types of products have to offer.

This being the case, we, as part of our continuing efforts to help our readers find the best available options for themselves, have decided to take a good hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements on the market today: Nugenix.

What's Behind Nugenix?

Nugenix ultimate testosterone

Offered through an official website that boasts the GNC Live Well logo, Nugenix touts many benefits for men who have lost various degrees of testosterone production levels and need a boost to get back to being the men that they used to be. As stated earlier this involves restoring multiple aspects of health and vitality including overall strength, endurance stamina, sexual drive and even the ability to perform like the champ we all were at our physical peaks.

The biggest problem we found with the site is that it is seriously lacking in any real detailed information beyond a basic listing of ingredients that would help consumers and reviewers alike compare and contrast it against its many competitors.

Nugenix Active Ingredients

Looking at the ingredients of Nugenix there are a number of elements known for their benefits in helping to restore testosterone production including Vitamin B6, 5mg of Vitamin B12 and Zinc. Beyond these and other basic active ingredients the company has chosen not to reveal some critical details as they have decided to keep the formulation of Nugenix proprietary.

This is what we can tell about its contents in short:

  • Zinc: A widely used booster of the overall immune system this critical mineral helps to make all the other ingredients in any formula work better.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: A key performance enhancing substance that is all-natural in its origins this is a prime testosterone booster in almost all leading male enhancement supplements and is crucial to increasing the effectiveness of the Luteinizing hormone which is critical in the production of testosterone.
  • Fenugreek Extract: Largely employed to increase sperm and semen production which leads to more satisfying sexual experience with greater and long lasting orgasms.
  • Vitamin B - Vitamin B12: Complex elements including Vitamin B and particularly Vitamin B12 are praised for their capacity to increase energy levels during everyday life, athletic endeavors and especially sexual activity.

What The Science Says

We noted earlier that the official website for Nugenix is rather lacking in the amount and depth of the information it provides consumers. What we would have preferred to see was some critical information regarding any research, studies or clinical trials that would support the numerous claims made for this product by its producers.

The bottom line is this - it does not matter much if a product contains the best or worst ingredients if those ingredients are poorly formulated. For example, a product could have the best available ingredients but if the formulation calls for too little of it to be highly effective or if one ingredient reacts badly with another then the product is not likely to work very well.

In the case of Nugenix we could not find and such data on the products official website or from any other source that would likely provide it.

Real Nugenix User Reviews

Although the official website for Nugenix offered many testimonials stating how well this product works it goes without saying that experienced consumers know that the company would not post these to the website had the testimonials not been glowing with positive statements. For this reason we like to look for more independent sources of testimonials and user reviews.

Scouting a wide range of industry related website with no known connection to Nugenix or GNC and multiple chat rooms discussing testosterone production we encountered many user reviews for this product. Analyzing them as a whole it was clear that the majority of them expressed rather negative opinions based on their use of Nugenix. One of the most prominent statements among them was simply that Nugenix did not deliver on its claims.

Is Nugenix Safe To Use?

There are no verifiable accounts of any serious health risks for men with no significant health issues when using the ingredients shown to be a part of the Nugenix formula. Still, it is always advisable to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any similar product.

How To Purchase Nugenix

Nugenix can be purchased through its official website but the seller has chosen to do so through a free trial offer to entice more customers. It should be noted that the free trial does include shipping fees and a credit card is required as well as other terms and conditions.

The Last Work On Nugenix

At the end of the day there are just three key factors that potential buyers should examine concerning Nugenix. The first is that the ingredients, or as much as we can know about them, are comparable to many of the top rated products on the market today. The second is that there is little to no verifiable data related to research, studies or trials that would support any of the claims made as to the effectiveness of the Nugenix formula.

Taking the first two factors and combining them with the fact that the majority of independent user reviews that we came across did not feel that Nugenix delivered on its promises there is no real way anyone should be able to say that Nugenix is truly one of the best possible options for men looking to increase their energy strength and sexual enjoyment.

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