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Generally, when a consumer endeavors to find the best product on the market, he will tend to look for the one that is trusted by the majority as evident in its consumer reviews. The Extends penis growth pill in particular builds its promotion by claiming 3 million individuals for its current pool of customers.  These men acclaim Extends as the product to choose if one wants to achieve erections more easily while making them stronger and fuller.  Yet, there are no existing clinical studies to prove these assertions. 

What is positive about Extends is that it proposes to gain sexual enhancement by natural means.  In specific, it aims to increase the circulation of blood in the penis in order to acquire the much-desired penis enlargement and firmness.  What’s more is that the same process stimulates overall physical and brain activities.  All of these have been clearly explained on Extends's official site, making it easy to comprehend.  On the other hand, looking at the ingredients of Extends and comparing it with other penis growth brands, this product appears to have fewer components which may translate to fewer positive results for the customer.

Extends Ingredients

Extends penis growth pillsThe natural ingredients that compose Extends include the following:

Panax Ginseng
Maca Root
Epimedium Sagittatum extract
Muira Puama
Avena Sativa
Zinc Oxide, Zinc Citrate
Saw Palmetto Berry
Swedish Pollen Extract
Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Extends cost

The cost of Extends is determined by cycles or on a per-month basis.  You can buy Extends for $49.95 for one month, 4 cycles cost $98.95 and 6 cycles cost $137.95.

Does Extends Work?

Extends is said to be used by a lot of men but, like most male enhancement products, it has not gained the approval of the Food and Drug Administration.  What the manufacturers can offer is a money-back guarantee as well as a no-questions-asked return policy. Potential buyers should take note of the statement made on Extends's website which expresses that there is no single product which is sure to work for everybody.  Thus, to try Extends is to take a personal risk that one should take time to consider. 

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