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Vicerex claims to be the alternative to the little blue pill for men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Unlike other ED pills on the market, Vicerex will last for 72 hours and because it is all-natural, it can be taken with alcohol. The product will also produce significant penis growth in a relatively shorter time frame than other similar products.

So if you want to toast your renewed sexual vigor and penis growth, you can do so with a glass of champagne like the sexy older couple on the Vicerex website.

Since 15 and 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction, this may be welcome news for men across the globe.

Vicerex, boasting 5 million happy customers, is providing men with greater sex lives, harder erections, increased stamina and for many, actual penis growth.

Vicerex Company Info

The answer to “Who is behind Vicerex” on the website, does not list any company information, just a long explanation as to why they used the ingredients they did. Another interesting fact is they state they have been in business since 2001, but still do not list a company name. Leaves one a bit suspicious. Also, herbal supplements regulated by the US FDA are not allowed to state that they cure a particular condition, such as Erectile Dysfunction.

penis growth pillsVicerex Ingredients

Vicerex manufacturers proudly boasts seven main ingredients, namely, Tongkat Ali (also known as Malaysian ginseng) long jack, Horny Goat Weed, Maca (Lepidium meyenii -a very powerful Peruvian aphrodisiac), Tribulus Terrestris, Ginkgo Biloba, and Epimedium Sagittatum.

Vicerex's makers call these items rare tropical herbs, however, these same penis growth ingredients can be found in other products for a lot less than what Vicerex charges.

Directions for using Vicerex

Men are instructed to take two capsules with a glass of warm water to experience penis growth in roughly 20-30 minutes. Although some open the capsules to get a quicker response, it isn't necessary to do so.


Vicerex offers an introductory special of buy one, get the other at ten percent off. The price comes to $75.81. Since each box only contains ten pills (twenty in all) that seems a bit steep.

Vicerex Pros

  • Works in twenty minutes!
  • Orgasms could become more intense
  • Lasts for Up to 3 Whole Days!
  • Can be taken with moderate Alcohol!

Vicerex Cons

  • Each pack contains only 10 pills, making the price even more astounding.
  • Can't locate the actual name of Vicerex manufacturers or any other company information in the About Us, FAQs, or Contact Us pages

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