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Does Penatropin Really Work for Penis Growth?

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For men suffering from the debilitating effects of sexual dysfunction the world is a very different place from the one they once knew. Not only do they find themselves having mild to extreme difficulty getting an erection that is hard enough to actually perform sexually they also find that the very drive to engage in sex is often greatly diminished. First of all, this is not an easy thing for a man of any age to accept or admit to his mate and it's basically impossible to admit to a new or potential sexual partner. All in all, this problem leaves a man in a position where he has two choices - accept that age and declining sexual prowess has put this hugely important part of life is the past or do something to correct it.

For those men who are not willing to accept that a great sex life is a just a memory the solution is mainly just a matter of choosing one of the several proven options available to them. Certainly, every man who has not been living in a cave for a couple of decades knows that prescription based drugs like Viagra can alleviate many of the symptoms caused by sexual dysfunction such as the inability to achieve a fully functional erection but he probably knows that this wonder drug and its competitors do not really address the fact that his actual urge to have sex is not what it likely once was. So, for those men who don't want to settle for an artificial erection there is another alternative - male enhancement supplements.

High quality male enhancement supplements are designed not only to give a man back his ability to form a rock hard erection but to restore the body's natural chemical processes that allow him to really feel the burning desire for he once had. And, as part of our ongoing mission to help our readers find the products that can help them achieve this goal, we have decided to take a close look at one of the most talked about products that address these issues - it's called Penatropin.

Inside Penatropin


Penatropin is produced by Phyto Health USA with a proprietary formula first developed by Dr. Mark Saginor, a graduate of Harvard Medical School. One of the key things to understand about this proprietary formula which, for those unfamiliar with the term, means that the exact quantities of the key ingredients is kept secret in order to protect the formulation from being copied - is that it is an extremely simple formulation with just two ingredients. Although this is unusual for a high level male enhancement supplement it does not necessarily mean that it is not effective. However, even though the producers of Penatropin claim that their product's claims are supported by research and clinical studies, the verifiable evidence of that is somewhat murky, at best.


This short list of ingredients is considered by many to be all natural but there is a question as to whether that is true given the nature of synthetic construction of some amino acids.

  • Butea Superba: As a known promoter of the processes that produce nitric oxide within in the bloodstream this element is added to increase blood flow within the circulatory system. It is also recognized as a natural aphrodisiac which, of course, leads to increased sex drive.
  • L-Carnitine: Best known for its power to boost the production of Testosterone in the user this amino acid is also critical in boosting metabolism rates and helping to increase stamina and endurance in both daily life and sexual activity.

User Reviews

Because many of the male enhancement products available on the market today are made by companies from all around the world and under various regulatory systems it is often hard to truly verify certain facts or claims put forth by many manufacturers and retailers. Related to this, it is well known and expected that these companies use a highly selective set of user reviews to push their products. Given this fact, we find that seeking out sources of more independent user reviews is a solid way to ascertain just how safe and effective a product is.

When compiling our research of many different resources in assembling a great cross-section of independent user reviews we discovered that a majority of users had a rather negative view of the results they achieved using Penatropin. The most common theme among these reviews was that the users did not see any appreciable increase in the sex drive or their ability to perform sexually.


  • Proprietary blend of Ingredients
  • Promotes sexual function and drive
  • Boosts production of testosterone
  • Promotes increased production of semen for more powerful orgasms


  • Two ingredient formulation is missing many other well established elements
  • Clinical testing is not clearly verified
  • Independent user reviews are mostly negative

Medical Concerns

Although the producers of Penatropin claim that this product is all natural and, therefore, is completely safe, we, as always, advise any potential user to consult with their personal physician or other qualified medical profession before beginning a regimen of daily use.

Our Conclusion

As we talked about at the beginning of this review, for men have come to acknowledge that their ability to perform the sexual act and their desire to even engage in the act has diminished over time, the one thing those who are not willing to accept that must do is find a way to overcome this simple fact of aging. Again, some might choose a prescription option with all of the hassles, costs and potentially serious side effects that come with products like Viagra and its competitors but for those who want to avoid those issues there are male enhancements supplements. The key issue for those who choose to go this route is simply finding the supplement that is right for you.

Looking specifically at Penatropin we found that their formula, even though developed by a graduate of Harvard Medical School, is unusually basic for a product that wants to be rated highly in the world of male enhancement supplements. Given that most of best known, highly rated and accessible products of this kind generally have many more ingredients designed to offer a more well-rounded approach to combating the effects of sexual dysfunction it is hard to see how this product would stack up well against the best. Also, the lack of verifiable research and specific clinical studies to support the claims made by Penatropin is another negative mark against this product. And, when considering that the majority of the independent user reviews are negative in nature, it is hard to recommend this product when there are so many other products with much better reputations.

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