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The P-Shot

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Throughout history and all around the world men who have felt the normal effects of aging in both the physical and sexual sense have sought out endless ways to regain the vitality and virility that they once had and now dearly missed. More than anything they want to once again the animal pleasures that they experienced in their younger days when getting a rock hard erection just happened when the mood struck them and their ability to deliver the goods in bed were a sure thing. Unfortunately, for men in this stage of life the answers to their problems can seem distant and often confusing. For the men who are savvy consumers and are invested enough getting what they want out of life the right answer for them is available if they first explore the options carefully and then make the choice that's right for them. And, as any intelligent man with some real life experience can tell you, sometimes that means going through a little trial and error. Given these facts, we have decided that, as part of our ongoing efforts to provide our readers with information about all the options available for men suffering from the effects of sexual dysfunction, it was time to talk about one of the most talked about solutions for erectile dysfunction - The P-Shot or Priapus Shot. The P-Shot is a medical procedure in which naturally occurring elements within the body are extracted, reduced to the desired base elements and then injected directly into certain areas of the penis. The concept behind this procedure is to reintroduce the base elements to the right area of the body as a replacement for the same fluids which have been naturally lost over time as part of the aging process.

P-Shot Claims


This procedure, which was named after Priapus, the Greek God of Fertility, claims to correct the effects of erectile dysfunction with a long term solution that is unlike any other remedy for sexual dysfunction available on the market today. Further claims state that not only does the P-Shot eliminate the need for male enhancement supplements it can actually and effectively reintroduce these lost elements to the point where the recipient is sexually performing the way he did at the peak years of his twenties and early thirties. Beyond that, there are claims the procedure can actually increase the size of the penis.

The Science Behind The P-Shot

As mentioned earlier, the idea behind the procedure is to replace lost elements within the tissues of the penis. These elements are known as Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. Over time and because of the natural slowdown of the various bodily processes as we age these platelets dissipate within the penile tissues causing the penis to lose its ability to respond to sexual stimuli. To correct this problem the procedure pulls these platelets from other parts of the body where they remain plentiful and, after proper processing to remove unwanted elements, re-injects them into the desired areas of the penis so that, ultimately, they will allow the penis to respond as intended and just the way it once did.

Bonus points can be given to the procedure in light of the claim that it is relatively painless beyond the minor pain of the actual injection. And, the risk of rejection of the injected material is almost non-existent because that material comes from the recipient's own cellular structure.

The key takeaway from this point is that the procedure begins with the taking of a blood sample that amounts to no more than that drawn by a physician for any normal blood test. This small sample is the spun in a centrifuge to separate out certain stems cells and other unwanted growth factors and the remaining platelets can then be injected back into the penile tissues.

What Users Are Saying

As one would expect, there are a number of highly positive user reviews that can be found on the official website for the P-Shot. But, since reviews from sources that are controlled by the manufacturer or distributor tend to be overly positive we have found that the best way to get a true reading of what users have experienced is to seek out far more independent sources of user reviews.

In our extensive search of these sites and chat rooms devoted to the subject we found that the vast majority of P-Shot recipients felt that the procedure did not live up to its amazing claims. Furthermore, many felt that claims of little or no pain involved in the procedure were misleading, at best. Some complained of lingering pain and tenderness in the affected region and even a long period of redness or other discoloration.

Granted, it should be noted that the company, HealthGAINS, does state that the user reviews on their site are meant to highlight the best possible results that a patient could expect from the procedure but should not be considered as typical. As expected, these disclaimers are generally found in the fine print of ads and literature from the company, so potential customers should be diligent in reading all of the materials provided.

Penis Growth Claims

Aside from the claims or performance enhancement, which some claims state can be realized as early as the same evening of the procedure, the claims related to the physical growth of the penis, itself, are pretty fantastic to say the least. Some claims insist that, although many recipients may have to wait for more than three weeks to see a substantial change in the size of their penis, if at all, that some patients have experienced much faster growth. In some case this growth has resulted in increase of both length and girth of as much as two to three inches.

After The P-Shot

For those who were hoping that the P-Shot is a kind of one and done type of procedure there may be some disappointment. This is because that there are recommended follow up visits to monitor possible problems related to infections or potential side effects.

Also, as part of the post procedure regimen, the patient is advised to use a penile vacuum pump to stimulate the tissues and give the newly injected platelets the best chance to thrive in their new environment.

Finally, one should be aware that, depending upon results, the performing physician may find it necessary to recommend additional P-Shots to achieve the best possible results.


As we discussed at the beginning of this review, men throughout time and all over the world has been seeking the best possible solution for their erectile dysfunction. The advent of the P-Shot and its revolutionary approach to the problem has garnered a lot of attention since its inception and, in the time since, a lot of scrutiny and blowback against its many incredible claims.

When one considers the factors involved in actually getting to the point where the P-Shot procedure is administered and the often extensive requirements following the P-Shot in order to get the best possible results it is hard to imagine a more intrusive and yet uncertain way to overcome the problems associated with erectile dysfunction.

So, looking back at the complicated, time consuming and intrusive requirements needed to get the P-Shot, the extensive requirements following the procedure, the far less than positive independent user reviews found outside the control of the manufacturer, the somewhat convoluted claims of the company, itself and the obvious expense of going through with all of this, it is difficult to recommend this procedure to anyone who has not given all the other many alternatives a thorough opportunity to resolve the erectile dysfunction problems. And, as anyone who has done even the most basic research on the subject knows, that means starting with a quality male enhancement supplement.

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