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The penis growth industry has sky rocketed over the past decade. Once a “hush-hush” topic, penis growth products are now promulgated on national television – from comical, to thoughtful to the outright inane -- these commercials are evidence that men really are concerned about the size of their penis.

It’s not only the commercials though. Products ranging from prescription medications to all natural pills to devices such as pumps have been selling like snow shovels before a winter storm. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what the penis growth industry has to offer you.

Penis Growth Surgery

Penis growth product reviews Penis growth surgery or Phalloplasty started in the early 1980’s. The surgery involves two different aspects – the lengthening of the penis and the thickening of the penis. It’s certainly in your best interest to speak with a professional in this field. You may want to consult with your doctor first to get an idea of what is involved and perhaps he or she knows someone who does this type of surgery.

Penis growth pills

Most men recognize the name Viagra. Pills such as Viagra require a doctor’s prescription. Many men are turning toward the all natural penis growth pills. You can easily purchase these pills online. One warning – be certain that you do your research; the ingredients in some pills are better suited to provide you with the desired results: a fuller, harder and more erect penis. Some of the leading penis growth pills are:

Penis growth creams and oils

Many of the penis growth cream and oils have the same ingredients as the pills; the obvious difference is that the creams are topical and you massage them onto your penis. Penis growth cream and oils go to work right away but unlike better penis growth pills, topical products effects are not permanent. Best penis growth cream and oils include:

Penis growth enlargement devices

Although many penis growth enlargement devices appear a bit scary, many men choose to use them over the penis growth pills and creams. Some of the devices for penis growth include:

  • penis extenderX4 Labs extender
  • Jes-Extender
  • Ultimate Stretcher System
  • SizeGenetics
  • Euro Extender

Penis Growth Exercises

You can easily do an internet search to find a variety of penis growth exercises that are designed to enhance the length and girth of your penis. Some manufacturers of penis growth pills package a manual or DVD on the proper exercise regimen that you should follow.