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Grow XL Male Enhancement Review

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After the age of thirty most men begin to realize that they are no longer at the top of their game sexually and, even though it's not pleasant to think about, their women begin to realize it, too. And, unfortunately, many women who don't understand how the physical changes men are going through at this time tend to believe that his loss of sexual desire or even his problems forming a sex worthy erection is a reflection on how he feels about her. This misunderstanding can lead to potentially serious problems within a relationship so it's best that men be honest with themselves and the women and seek help in correcting this issue. And that's where a high quality male enhancement supplement can be of great help.

Yes, a top ranked male enhancement supplement can go a long way to help restore a man's sexual desire and his ability to perform in bed the way he did in his prime physical years. This is done by simply helping to rejuvenate the chemical processes in his body that naturally start to slow down around the age of thirty by providing various blends of vitamins, minerals and often other all-natural substances that are known to kick start the production of testosterone and boost the levels of nitric oxide in the bloodstream to enhance blood flow.

The big problem most men face is not whether to try a male enhancement supplement but to try to figure out which of the ever growing number of them is the right one for them. So, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers find the best available products we have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about supplements available on the market today - it's called Grow XL.

Going Inside Grow XL

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Created by Endovex, a US based company known for its array of health products; Grow XL is produced in highly regulated laboratory conditions to ensure the safety, quality control and customer satisfaction.

The main selling point of Grow XL is right in its name - yes, this product claims to actually grow the size of a man's erections. In addition it claims to promote sexual stamina and endurance while boosting testosterone and nitric oxide levels. This, of course, leads to longer, more satisfying sex for both the man and the woman. It also claims to be used by porn stars.

Grow XL Active Ingredients

Based on a formula that offers a fast acting set of ingredients designed to boost testosterone levels and build up nitric oxide in the blood steam, Grow XL has chosen the following key ingredients:

  • Arginine: A well-known element critical to increasing libido
  • Tribulus Terristris: Perhaps the world's most widely used natural substance in raising the production levels of testosterone
  • Guarana: Highly regarded for its ability to increase blood flow to the penis
  • Citrus Aurantium: Prized by many as a prime enhancer of sexual energy

Independent User Reviews

One of the most important things to understand about marketing a product is that most consumers react strongly to what other people are saying. This is why user reviews are so important and, frankly, so often abused by companies looking to cast the products in the most positive light. This being the case, we set out to find as many unbiased user reviews as possible.

Using a standard internet search we found a number of unaffiliated industry website and chat rooms discussing this issue and what we discovered was that the vast majority of these independent user reviews had a highly negative view of Grow XL. The main theme that we encountered was that the users did not have a positive experience with this product mainly due to the fact that they did not note any discernible benefit from its use.

Grow XL Pros

  • Produces larger erections through increased blood flow
  • Boosts sexual desire or libido
  • Promotes sexual stamina and endurance

Grow XL Cons

  • Little to no clinical research, studies or trials to support some of its claims
  • Poor ratings from independent user reviews
  • Free Trial terms must be examine closely

Medical And Safety Concerns

Examining the ingredients of Grow XL there does not appear to be any ingredients that are known for any serious adverse side effects. Regardless, it is always advisable to seek a consultation with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any other similar product.

Pricing and Dosage Recommendations

Pricing for a one month supply of Grow XL varies depending on the various retail outlets that offer it for sale. The best available price that we found was on Amazon at $49.95. In our search of the various online retailers offering Grow XL for sale we could not find reference to recommended dosage requirements.

The Final Conclusion

Back at the beginning of the review we noted that many relationship problems can arise from the onset of male sexual dysfunction. Too often even the mild loss of sexual drive or libido can cause tension in a relationship where a woman may feel that the man has lost his desire for her in particular. This is why a top notch male enhancement supplement can be so important in keeping a man on track in his relationship by helping to restore and maintain a healthy sex drive and his ability to perform at a high level in bed. And, that is why choosing the right supplement is so important.

When it comes to Grow XL, the company makes a lot of claims which, on their face, are very exciting and address all the concerns the average man dealing with the problems associated with mild sexual dysfunction generally has. Grow XL claims to boost libido and increase blood flow for firmer and stronger erections - more than that it claims to dramatically increase the overall size of an erection which, of course, is something that every man wants and most women, too. It also claims to boost sexual stamina and endurance in order to make sexual activity even more enjoyable.

The problems with these claims come into play when one looks at the basic evidence surrounding the lack of information related to the exact composition of the Grow XL formula and its failure to cite any clear references to clinical research, studies or trials that support their claims. When one adds in the highly negative reviews posted by independent users it becomes very difficult to see how Grow XL can be considered as one of the leading male enhancement supplement to choose from.

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