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Penis Growth Patch

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Transdermal patches have become the “thing” in recent years for metered delivery of products to the body, including insulin for diabetics. Recently, this delivery system has been adopted by the health industry and led to the introduction of the penis growth patch.

Maxiderm was the only penis growth patch we could find to review. The penis growth patch is marketed as an effective way of delivering the herbs that accomplish real size increases in the penis, but the penis growth patch has its draw backs and penis growth pills are a much better alternative.

Is the Penis Growth Patch Right for You?

Penis growth product reviews There are no known side effects from the ingredients in a product such as Maxiderm, but there are always those unintended consequences and sensitivity to adhesives is something one should consider when choosing a penis growth patch. Continual exposure to adhesives, like those used on a penis growth patch, can over time lead to the skin becoming sensitive to those adhesives.

This can become a problem when applying a common and necessary item like a simple band-aid to cover a minor wound, or a more serious dressing after surgery.

There are many patches on the market that DO NOT work and some that contain dangerous ingredients and should be avoided. The penis growth patch does not work as quickly as other products, such as penis growth creams and oils, because only small amounts of active ingredients can be transmitted transdermally and therefore take longer period to achieve results.

Penis Growth Patch: Final Word

penis growthThe penis growth patch may be a viable alternative for you, they are discreet and there are several that work well, but the drawbacks and risks involved make other alternatives to penis growth more attractive.

Pills, creams and oils are all ways to gain a real size increase and the penis growth patch is the #4 choice among men looking to enhance their sexual pleasure and confidence. For a longer term solution, consider penis growth pills