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As women get older, they expect the changes that come along with aging, especially those associated with menopause. The similar process that occurs with men receives much less attention.

Just as with women, men experience significant changes in hormone production as they get older. These changes in hormone levels can lead to andropause, the male equivalent of menopause. As the body’s production of testosterone decreases, men experience more difficulty becoming aroused, and erections can flag, losing the intensity, firmness and stamina of youth.

Fortunately, research has discovered a variety of supplements that can help you regain the robust sex life you once had. Some of these supplements can even stimulate penis growth, giving you and your partner an even more satisfying experience.

One supplement that offers an improved sex life is Provacyl. With a mixture of traditional herbs and advanced supplements, Provacyl can help improve your sex life with harder and more sustainable erections, as well as a more active sex drive.

Provacyl ingredients

Buy ProvacylIngredients in Provacyl include ginkgo biloba, chaste berry and acai fruit, all supplements that have been used for hundreds of years to help increase energy and normalize hormonal function. Luteinizing hormone, FSH and DHEA bring modern research into the mix.

One ingredient often found in supplements that stimulate penis growth and improve the sex drive is yohimbe. Yohimbe is the only natural ingredient that the FDA has approved for use in treating erectile dysfunction. In spite of this, yohimbe is not found in Provacyl. For additional power in a supplement, you might want to look at a product like Xytomax, which does contain yohimbe.

Provacyl cost

Provacyl costs $60 for a month’s supply, with significant discounts if you purchase larger quantities. Purchasing a year’s supply at once brings the price down to just over $30 a month, and extra bonus items are added to a yearly package. Provacyl also offers a six-month satisfaction guarantee.

Does Provacyl work?

According to reviews on their website, Provacyl has helped many men regain their youthful vigor and a more energetic sex drive. The site says little about the product stimulating penis growth, however, and overall the product is aimed more toward older men suffering from the hormonal changes of aging rather than at any man who’d like to see his sex life improved.

For a more generalized product that helps improve the sex life of any man, young or old, and which also encourages penis growth as well as longer, more powerful orgasms, a product like Xytomax would be a better choice.

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