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King Size Male: Does It Work? Is It Safe?

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If you could go all the way back to the Stone Age you would find primitive men worrying about the size of their penises. After all, there has probably never been time in the history of man when size, strength and virility were more important. Basically, the most important attributes a man of that era could have was physical stature, strength, speed, stamina and brain power... and that was just to survive. If a guy had any intention of passing on his genes, it was likely never harder to attract and keep a woman. Let's face it, back in those days the only thing that could have been harder than a cave man's penis was the competition to find a good mate. And, since these men probably weren't depending on smooth talk to get themselves a lady, they almost certainly spent a lot time showing off their manhood.

Things might be a little different today as far as society is concerned but when you boil it all down to the basics we are not all that different from our distant ancestors. The stronger and smarter we are the better chance of survival we have. And, when it comes to finding mates, although a little sweet talking goes a long way, what goes even longer is strength, virility and an impressive penis. So, whether a guy drew a short straw when genetics gave him an undersized penis or he's just past his prime and needs a little help getting back up to the level he used to be at, the only realistic thing a man can do find a way to fix the problem. And, for most men, the simple answer to that problem is probably just a matter of finding a high quality, top-tier male enhancement supplement. So, as part of our ongoing effort to help men get what they need we are here to examine one of the most talked about products on the market today - King Size Male.

Inside King Size Male

King Size Male

To understand what makes King Size Male tick, one only has to look closely at the formula. That's because it is clear that the manufacturers believe that the key to a highly safe and effective formula is L-Arginine. What's that? Well, simply put, L-Arginine is an amino acid with a long and well-established track record of being able to help boost the levels of nitric oxide in the user's blood stream. This chemical change promotes an improved flow of both nutrients and oxygen through the bloodstream. In the process, muscles and organs become more receptive to these elements and in some cases, such as the blood chambers with the penis, the tissues expand to allow more blood to enter and fill them. In the case of the penis, this, as one would expect, leads to a larger, longer, firmer penis not only while erect but also during normal activity.

King Size Ingredient List

When looking at the ingredient list displayed on a bottle of King Size Male a couple of things become clear - the manufacturer has done their research and they have concluded that they should use a list of ingredients that have become staples in any high level male enhancement formula. So, let's take a look and see what they are:

L-Arginine - As discussed, the amino acid promotes an increase in the levels of nitric oxide within the bloodstream to improve blood flow and the dissemination of nutrients and oxygen.

Panax Ginseng - Originating in the Far East, this natural substance is well known for its ability to boost energy levels, especially during sexual activity.

Maca Root - Likely added for its highly respected history of aiding in overall sexual health issues.

Polypodium Vulgare - Primarily known in the industry and a libido or sexual arousal booster, this element is a positive addition to any quality supplement.

Velvet Bean - Considerable research has shown that this extract has a positive effect on the production of dopamine - essential to a healthy libido.

Epimedium - Always welcome for its ability to improve the flow of blood.

Saw Palmetto - Championed by many men's health experts for its effect on the prostate gland.

Tongkat Ali - One of the leading ingredients recognized for its relationship to the production of testosterone in males.

Pros And Cons


  • All natural list of ingredients
  • Addresses issues related to boosting lowered libido levels with multiple ingredients known to produce results
  • Formula is largely based on the primary ingredient of L-Arginine which is well known for its positive effect on producing nitric oxide in the blood stream
  • Improves overall health with ingredients designed to improve overall blood flow throughout the users body.


  • Compared to most of its competitors, King Size Male is overpriced, even for a supplement with so many quality ingredients. Each one month supply bottle retails for $139.97 for a one month supply
  • As mentioned, the overall list of high quality and well established ingredients is a positive but the lack of exact quantities within the formula make verifying the potential results difficult compared to many of the top performers on the market
  • User reviews discovered by searching websites not affiliated with King Size Male show a distinctly negative opinion which is in stark contrast to what appears to be a much more selective use of only positive reviews found the official website.

Cautionary Notes

Although King Size Male claims to be comprised of an all-natural list of ingredients it is always advisable to seek a consultation with a physician familiar with your medical condition. Even all natural supplements can contain ingredients that could potentially cause serious side effects due to allergies or negative reactions related to other medications being used.

Our Conclusion

So, knowing what we know now, we have to wonder if this much talked about male enhancement supplement known as King Size Male would be among the top choices for today's men or a primitive man in need our some extra help in keeping up with the Alpha Males of his time.

To begin with, King Size Male has put together a formula incorporating many of the most widely respected ingredients used by many of the leading brands in the business. The question we and many other reviewers seem to have is - why didn't they make the exact formula more clear so as to make it easy is compare how much of the active ingredients were present relative to their top-tier competitors? Could it be that this failure is a way to gloss over the details in order to hide the fact that the proportions are so out of balance relative to the competition? With the information at hand that is beyond our power to know but it does give us pause.

In the end there are two major issues we have with King Size Male. One is the fact that compared to even the best rated supplements available; the cost of a one month supply is greatly overpriced. The other issue is that, when you come right down to it, our research of independent user reviews were not at all favorable. In fact, over seventy percent of the user reviews we looked at, not found on the King Size Male official website, complained in one way or another, that they saw little to know notable effect.

Ultimately, the answer is clear - King Size Male certainly has some real positives but when stacked up against the leading male enhancement supplement providers in the market today they just do not compete. So, if you are serious about getting help with growing the physical size of your penis, improving your performance, especially in bed, and want to revive that lagging libido we strongly recommend that you look elsewhere.

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