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The ProExtender Review

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There is one thing that is true about all men, and that is that they all want to walk around in life with a penis that provides them with a self of confidence. And, even if their penis is just fine as it is, there is always the desire to have a little more. It's even possible that you have a penis that is shaped in a way that makes you feel that it will not be found attractive by sex partners. If you do you may not realize that it is due to a correctable condition such as Peyronie's disease. Whatever your situation is the one thing you may want to consider a possible solution by means of a product called the ProExtender.

So, just what is the ProExtender? In a nutshell, this product is a mechanical device designed to actually stretch the penis to, over a period of time, extend the penis. Developed and produced by the well-known Danish plastic Surgeon Jorn Ege Siana, the ProExtender uses a specific medical procedure known as traction, to incrementally expand the division of cells within the tissue layers of the penis. As with so many types of medical issues from its use plastic surgery procedures to the treatment of burns this medical technique of traction stretching tissue that causes the cells within the tissue to break and then restructure and multiply as part of the process of healing which, over time, results in even stronger and more highly resilient tissue.

Most likely many have also seen or heard about some of these of this techniques being used everywhere from earliest civilizations who utilize it to stretch parts of their body including lips and earlobes by connecting larger or heavier items into them, to western medical uses which, as an add on to the various procedures which we have already discussed to some other uses including stretching a leg that is not as long as another so that they match. This is the same process used by the ProExtender to affect the actual changes required to cure these issues.

Like so many other things in this world, not every method of solving problems are equal, The ProExtender is made in two different models. One ProExtender is designed using a pair of two inch extension bars for penises between two to seven inches in a flaccid state. Their Deluxe model adds on a pair of one and a half inch extender bars for penises that are between two and nine inches when flaccid.

Research, Studies And Clinical Testing

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As stated in the company literature, the ProExtender has been tested in nineteen ninety eight by the International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery which was held during that year at a conference in Barcelona, Spain. This literature also claims that this study has shown that men utilizing the ProExtender had a thirty percent growth in the overall size of the penis during a twenty-four week period of study. There are also many suggestions that results of even greater magnitude could be achieved with the use of other high quality male enhancement supplements which can boost the levels of nitric oxide production within the bloodstream and can facilitate the distribution of nutrients and oxygen through to the tissue of the penis all while increasing the overall flow of blood.

What Real Users Are Saying

With products of this type such as The ProExtender, that offers the majority of its data and other information only through manufacturer controlled sources and which are very hard to verify independently, we tend to look for as much of this data and information as possible from less biased sources. It is this fact that is particularly true with regard to testimonials and user reviews. What we have discovered in our wide ranging search of what evidence that is available online is that these user reviews of an unaffiliated nature were highly negative with many complaints that involved a disparate number of concerns. The vast majority of these poor reviews appeared to focus on the simple fact that The ProExtender was often difficult to use and was prone to become dislodged with any notable movement when in use. Combine that with that complaint was the claim that many users found it difficult to free up a sufficient amount of down time where they might remain still long enough to use The ProExtender for the amount of time needed to meet the recommended period of treatment.


  • Developed and produced by a well-respected plastic surgeon
  • At least one clinical study supports many of the products claims
  • A long history of claims of success with products of this nature


  • Products of this nature are naturally cumbersome
  • A history of associated injuries when this product used improperly
  • Majority of independent user reviews are highly negative

How To Deal With Potential Health Concerns

Given the many potential concerns over health issues it is always best to seek a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any similar product.

Purchasing The ProExtender

This device is only available through the official website of the producer.

The Last Word On The ProExtender

All around the world millions of men have to face a difficult truth about their lives that they would like to overcome - this wish was simply that their penis could be larger, stronger and more attractive to their sexual partners and those who they want to become sex partners. The issue that so many millions of men have to deal with is the decision of what they want to do about it. Any of those men who might be smart enough and motivated enough and having the proper resources, the answers to these issues are out there if they can make the proper choices. And, when it comes to that the smartest of these seem to have discovered that mechanical devices such as the ProExtender are like some odd contraption right out of some freak show of strange medical devices straight out of the dark ages.

Now, that may lead to some greater results but the problems associated with using it and the possibility of seriously hurting yourself if you should use it in a way that is not recommended or while sleeping should be more than enough to make any man in his right mind to look for a different solution.

In the end this leads our valued readers to the only truly reasonable solution for solving issues of this kind - supplements. Yes, a high quality, top ranked male enhancement supplement utilizing a set of widely accepted all-natural elements designed to target all of the potential issues is an experienced consumer's only real opportunity to overcome their potential shortcomings.

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