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Penis Growth Exercises

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Penis growth exercises abound on the Internet and with a little bit of research, you can find sites, like this one, that will give you the skinny on the top free penis growth exercises around.

The road to natural penis growth can be a long one, but if you don't want to take pills, or pay for costly surgery like phalloplasty , this can be the best avenue for true penis growth.

Exercises for Fast Penis Growth

Here are some free penis growth exercises that can help you achieve your natural penis growth goals.

Warm it up

Penis growth product reviews I can't stress enough the importance of getting the penis prepared for exercise. Your lil' partner is literally an extension of you. If you damage it, it can't be replaced. If you jelq, take the time to wrap a hot water soaked towel on your member for a few short minutes before and after exercise. If you do any other type of free penis growth exercise, stretch the penis while it is in its flaccid state in various directions, holding for 5 to 6 seconds in each direction. Be sure to use penis massage oil for these stretches.

Lube it up

Think lube, lube and more lube-you don't want to injure the penis or cause skin irritation. The down time that can occur when this happens can make you lose precious gains.

Powerful Exercises for Fast Penis Growth

Get a grip

Jelqing, an ancient technique that can increase girth and length, has been practiced for centuries. After you have warmed up your Johnson, a make an okay sign with your thumb and forefinger and place it at the base of your penis. Using firm strokes, pull downward towards the heads of the penis and then alternate with the other hand. Repeat, with hand exchanges occurring every three seconds.

Note: Make sure the penis is semi-erect as jelquing a full hard on can cause blood vessels to rupture. Start off with 100-150 jelqs a day, slowly building to 500 a day (this should take 4-6 weeks before attempting 500-the build should be gradual).

Flex that muscle

The PC muscle is one of the more important exercises you can learn, because it is often utilized in conjunction with most other techniques. Known as a kegel exercise, this natural penis enlargement technique can practically cause penis growth alone. To find the PC muscle, stop your urine flow the next time you pee. The tension you feel in the area between your balls and anus is where the PC muscle is. Contracting the PC muscle in sets of five rapid pulses and one long clench for six seconds, will not only help you maintain an erection for far longer, in time, it will help you increase the size of your manhood.

Penis Growth Exercises Best Results

penis growth As with any exercise regime, you will want to exercise for a few days and take at least two days off. Doing these types of exercises seven days a week will actually hurt your gains.

Taking a few days off allow the penis to rebuild itself, making natural penis growth occur even faster.

Be smart and consistent about your natural penis growth goals, and you will reap nothing but positive results!

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