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The pursuit of great sex is one of the most primal instincts known to human behavior. Clearly, there are a number of different factors that go into that pursuit but for men one of them is the need for a great degree of confidence. This is brought on by the fact that sex and the pursuit of it is a competition - a competition for desirable mates. And, one of the most basic selling points for men in their own minds is the belief that they need to have a penis that is sizable both when flaccid and especially when erect. Now, some modern thought says that women to not believe that size matters but there are also many who reject that notion and point to a lot of anecdotal information that supports that.

Whatever the truth is regarding women's thoughts on the size of a man's penis men, in general, feel that a large penis is a key factor in how they see themselves as men and have always sought ways to make their penises bigger and, therefore, more attractive to women. This can be proven out by the long history of products and services being offered to men since the dawn of civilization and especially today to the point where there are actually medical procedures being offered that can surgically enlarge the penis. Now, this may be an option for some men with a lot of money and a lot of guts but for most guys it's not really an option given that there are far less expensive and far less invasive solutions.

For men who may not be familiar with male enhancement supplements these newer non-prescription health aids are normally made using all-natural ingredients and are designed to offer men a number of sexual benefits. There are some differences in the various brands but, at their core, most of these products provide the necessary elements needed to boost the level of production of testosterone. And, since testosterone is perhaps the most critical male hormone required to build lean muscle mass and burn fat which are the hallmarks of young and virile men, it is also a crucial factor in increasing sexual drive and bolstering the free flow of blood to the penis which is the core reason for a large penis and rock hard erections.

The issue that has come about with the incredible success and amazing popularity of these products is that the market for them has exploded with the introduction of new products and it's now at the point where there are now literally hundreds of these products and many of them have been proven to be far less safe and effective as the best of what the industry has to offer. This is true even though many of these products are said to have the same basic ingredients and the same basic properties as what the top performers have to offer.

Of course, this development has predictably led to a lot of confusion among men seeking a high quality male enhancer so in order to help our many valued readers we have, as part of our ongoing efforts to help them find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about products on the market today - it's called RexaVar.

Basic Facts On RexaVar

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In an industry filled with products of varying quality one of the key factors that one should look for is an official product website. This is important because these sites can provide consumers with a lot of critical information which can be useful in trying to determine just how safe and effective the product is likely to be.

Unfortunately, the makers of RexaVar have apparently elected not to create an official product website for this product.

RexaVar: The Ingredients List

Not having an official website which would normally provide this basic information we had to resort to searching outside industry sites. Based on this non-official information we believe the following to represent the key active ingredients:

  • Tongkat Ali: Well-respected for its positive effects on testosterone production.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: A key element in the production of the Luteinizing Hormone within the pituitary gland.
  • L-Citrulline: Known to convert L-Arginine for elevated levels of nitric oxide which carries oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream to organs and major muscle groups.
  • L-Arginine: the prime factor in increasing the production of nitric oxide for increased blood flow to the penile chambers and all of the major muscle groups and organs.

Research And Testing

Having some knowledge regarding the ingredients used in the making of a product is helpful for consumers in knowing just how safe and effective that product may be but there is another factor which is even more important and that is how those ingredients are formulated. A good way to look at it would be to say there was a product containing many well-established ingredients but with quantities which are below the recommended amounts. In all likelihood that product would not be very effective. This being the case most companies concerned with delivering a competitive product would conduct a high degree of research, study and testing which would prove the product's safety and effectiveness.

Looking at all the available information we could find no credible or verifiable data that would indicate that any such research, studies or clinical trials have been conducted on RexaVar.

Independent User Reviews

Without the benefit of an official product website for RexaVar there is no direct source of testimonials or user reviews that we could find. Since these types of consumer comments have been proven to be a highly effective sales tool for companies in this industry we find this lack of information somewhat troubling. Still, it must be noted that user comments found on a website or in other marketing materials which are under the control of a seller have what could only be considered to be an obvious and inherent bias. It is for this reason that we always seek out other and more independent sources of user reviews.

Scanning the comments found on a number of industry related websites with no apparent connection to RexaVar as well as multiple forums and chat rooms known to discuss products of this nature we were able to find numerous independent user reviews. While compiling the rating of these reviews on RexaVar it became quite apparent that the majority of them were quite negative especially among those who had tried other male enhancement supplements.

How Safe Is RexaVar?

In a detailed review of the ingredients used in the production of RexaVar we could find no reason to believe that there are any serious health concerns or side effects given that, as a whole, they are all in wide use within the industry. Putting that aside, it is always best to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before starting a daily regimen of this or any other product of this kind.

Buying RexaVar

With no official website to purchase the product through consumers must look at a number of outside online retail outlets. The average price that we encountered at these outlets was $57.76.

The Final Conclusion For RexaVar

Men seeking a larger penis and greater sexual endurance and stamina have largely turned to a high quality male enhancement supplement. The real question most of them have to ask themselves is if RexaVar is one of the top choices. To make a determination on this we decided to take a look at three critical aspects.

One is the set of active ingredients in the product and on this matter we see no issues as they are all generally used widely across the leading brands on the market. Another involves the formulation of the product and in this case we discovered that there is no credible or verifiable data which would support the claims being made for RexaVar. The final aspect has to do with what independent user reviews have had to say about their experiences and in this instance the results are not good as most of those were negative in nature.

In the end one thing is clear and that is that RexaVar does not have the credentials that would prove that it ranks among the best male enhancers out there today.

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