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Anyone who is familiar with penis growth and enhancement products has surely heard of Enzyte. Many of us were introduced to the product via a bevy of television commercials that showcased an average Joe whose big smile and even bigger member was said to be the main reason why the Missus was always so jovial.

“Be the envy of the neighborhood!” the ads seemed to be saying, as Enzyte promised any and all seekers that they too could have something to smile about.

Clever commercials aside, one has to take a close look at the penis growth pill to see if it can truly deliver as it promises on TV.

One thing a person in the know would have to do is to take a look at the ingredients list and see if they include things that have been proven to produce real penis growth.

Does Enzyte Work?

Learn more about Enzyte penis growth pillsIngredients like Zinc Oxide, saw palmetto, Niacin, Panax Ginseng, Muira Puama, and L-Arginine have long been touted to produce penis growth and sex enhancement. If one were to go with that alone, you could say that there is a very good chance that Enzyte does indeed work.

Directions for Enzyte

The manufacturer advises men to take Enzyte as they would a vitamin, once a day.

Enzyte Free Sample

Packages start at $49.95 at what is called a one-month “cycle.” One can order up to a six-month supply at $150 dollars. Additionally, from time to time Enzyte offers a free sample and the opportunity to receive Enzyte monthly at a discount.

Enzyte Pros

  • Enzyte is free of ephedra and caffeine
  • Results are permanent
  • 60 day return policy and 1 800 contact phone number

Enzyte Cons

  • Not much is said about their return policy rules
  • Website not very in depth nor revealing about important Enzyte information or stats

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