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Virility EX review

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Many men aren’t entirely happy with their penis size. According to studies done by a group of condom manufacturers, their partners aren’t entirely happy, either.

What can be done about it, though? If you were born with a bit less than you’d really like to have, you’re just stuck with it, right?

Not necessarily. Both modern research and traditional herbal medicine have found a variety of supplements that can help increase the length, girth, hardness, and even the staying power of your erection. Penis size is no longer a permanent accident of birth.

Among these products is Virility EX. Virility EX combines proven ingredients with an exercise plan that can provide dramatic penis enhancement, increasing penis size as well as stamina and your overall sex drive.

Virility EX ingredients

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Among the active ingredients of Virility EX are horny goat weed and longjack root, both of which have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to increase the male sex drive as well as blood flow to the penis. Virility EX also contains yohimbe, a powerful supplement for erectile dysfunction. In fact, yohimbe is the only natural supplement approved by the FDA for use in treating erectile dysfunction. However, yohimbe can’t be used in some circumstances. If you have high blood pressure, for example, yohimbe isn’t recommended. Other male enhancement supplements, such as Endowmax, can provide dramatic results without yohimbe.

Virility EX cost

A single month’s supply of Virility EX costs $49.95. If you buy larger quantities, the company will include additional bargains, such as two bottles free with a purchase of four. Even larger purchases provide even more savings. Virility EX also supplies e-books on dating and improving your sex life along with your purchase. The company offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

The Virility EX program also includes an exercise regimen that helps maximize the results you get from use of the supplements. These exercises can help increase the size, firmness, and stamina of your erection.

Does Virility EX work?

While Virility EX states on its front page that it’s the number one rated male enhancement program on the market, there are no testimonials on the site. In addition, the emphasis on use of the exercise program makes one wonder how effective the supplement itself actually is.

For proven male enhancement, including increase in penis size without exercises and without yohimbe, another product such as Endowmax might prove a better choice.

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