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Do You Need
a Penis Growth Chart?

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Men who are trying to attain penis growth may desire to keep a penis growth chart to mark their progress.

They should.

A penis growth chart not only allows you to see how well your exercise and/or penis growth drugs are doing, it is a way to keep you psychologically "pumped" as it were.

Why use a Penis Growth Chart?

As with any goal in life, it helps to have a clear starting point and a destination. If true penis growth is going to occur, it needs to be a somewhat structured affair. That isn't to say you have to set a penis growth schedule as, realistically speaking, this may not be feasible.

For example, a set schedule may be fine if you are taking penis growth pills, but it can be a bit awkward if the pump is your penis growth method of choice (you can't jet out of ye olde board meeting to slip an enhancement sleeve over your Johnson in the company men's room.)

However, you can make penis growth exercises a daily endeavor and a penis growth chart can help track your progress.

penis growth chartTo be sure, some men may be a bit skittish about measuring their penis growth progress, especially when they compare their Wet Willie to the "desired destination" size phallus found on the cart (the best penis size chart I saw had bananas as the measuring stick, which was a great way to make a guy feel comfortable with the whole thing).

To that I say, gentlemen, keep your eyes on the prize.

You don't have the penis growth chart to make comparisons – you have it to measure your success. Viewed in this way, a penis growth chart can actually help stoke the old ego and make the enlargement process something of a sport.

Heck, if you want, you can even keep score, writing asides on the penis growth chart like "Willie grew a whole 1'4 inch—time to give him a congratulatory hand shake" or…something…

Most enhancement products come with a penis growth chart, but if yours didn't have one, you can probably find one at an adult novelty shop.

Penis Growth Chart: Final Word

Keeping up with your penis growth is up to you, but if you are truly serious about maximizing penis enlargement potential, then check out the top recommended penis growth products. Then whip out that chart and start making note of your little soldier's march towards greater penis growth.