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ProSolution Gel Review

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ProSolution Gel is a topical product for male enhancement which is purported to assist with stronger erections, increase penis size, control premature ejaculation, and provide enhanced physical sensations. The product uses a transdermal method of introducing the all-natural ingredients to the penis, and takes effect almost immediately as opposed to a longer wait with pills or other male sexual enhancement methods. The gel lasts “a long time,” and can be reapplied as needed to maintain results. ProSolution Gel is non-greasy and safe to use with condoms.

ProSolution Gel Ingredients

Ingredients in the ProSolution Gel are fresh, natural, and cGMP-approved; they include:

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  • L-Arginine, an amino acid which increases blood flow to assist in achieving the feeling of penis growth and fuller erections;
  • Aloe vera, which is used for soothing the skin and helping the active ingredients to be quickly absorbed;
  • Bearberry extract, a traditional herb used as an astringent and for treatment of urinary tract problems. This herb helps to increase fluid movement for a fuller erection and stronger climax;
  • Algae extract, which acts as a lubricant;
  • Mango butter, an additional lubricant which also has properties as a male performance enhancer and an aphrodisiac;
  • Menthol, which provides a warm and tingling sensation;
  • Vitamin C, a nutrient which can increase libido and enhance the hardness of erections, as well as stamina.

Buy ProSolution Gel

ProSolution Gel is available for purchase in quantities of one tube to twelve tubes; each tube is an estimated one month's supply of product. A single tube costs $49.95; the per-tube price decreases as the quantity increases up till twelve tubes, which are priced at $399.95.

There are a number of shipping options; two of the slower methods offer free shipping.

The ProSolutions website mentions bonuses available with purchase, including Volume Pills, MensForte, and adult entertainment DVDs, but no details are provided as to which bonuses are provided with the various quantities of product.

Does ProSolution Gel Work?

While some of the ingredients in ProSolution Gel have little effect on male enhancement, the amino acid L-Arginine has a track record of success in treating erectile dysfunction. For men opposed to taking oral supplements, ProSolution might be a good choice to try. At a minimum, ProSolution's all-natural formula increases the chances that it won't cause any harm to the user or his partner.

However, topical products such as Erexanol with proven ingredients such as Maca Extract, White Nettle and L-Arginine have a better success rate in achieving positive penis growth results.

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