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Today, men and women are living longer than ever before. This amazing fact is one of the many miracles of modern science. Another modern miracle is that these older individuals can also continue to lead healthy sex lives, whereas their predecessors could not.

What are they doing differently?

Well, for one thing, both men and women are taking greater interest in their own sexual health. Also, older individuals are well aware that sex isn't the sole property of the young.

Unfortunately, one of the byproducts of age for some men is an actual loss of penis size known as “shrinkage”. For older gentlemen who are still in the prime of life and sexually active, obtaining penis growth becomes essential.

Vazomyne can help such a man via a process called vasodilatation. With vasodilatation, the veins and capillaries widen. When this occurs in the penis, the spongy chambers that cause the penis to become erect when aroused can expand, allowing penis growth and creating stronger, long lasting erection.

Learn more about Vazomyne penis growth pillsVazomyne Company Info

Barmensen Labs is well known in the pharmaceutical industry, and particularly when it comes to penis growth products. The reputation appears to be solid and they have had very little complaints over the years, always a good sign.

Directions for Vazomyne

It is suggested that an individual take one Vazomyne tablet on a full stomach every day. Manufacturers state that men can see results from the first dosage, but that continued use will provide optimum results.

Customers can experience great results after taking two pills in a 48-hour period if it is coupled with an additional dose 20 minutes before sex.

Stopping foreplay to take a pill? Humph. Not highly recommended:


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Vazomyne Pros

  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • Doesn't contain any stimulants
  • Works within 2-4 weeks of use
  • Inexpensive

Vazomyne cons

  • Must take an additional dose prior to sex for maximum results, which can interfere with spontaneity.
  • Results only occur during arousal - penis growth is not permanent.
  • Discount price is only available with enrollment in a program that ships your product and bills your credit card every other month.

Does Vazomyne Work?

Well, the jury is still out on how ell Vazomyne works. Since there's a 90 day guarantee, you could give it a try. But we think there are more effective solutions out there.

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