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ProEnhance Patch Review

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The ProEnhance program is promoted as a penis enlargement system and includes a dermal patch and access to online male enhancement exercise instructions. The patch is placed on the body and worn for three days as the herbal formula is absorbed through the skin. The website promoting the ProEnhance system claims it can provide penis growth of up to three inches through the use of the patch and their proprietary exercise system, which is touted as being safer and more comfortable than the use of penis stretchers or pumps. Other potential benefits from using ProEnhance include increased libido, faster arousal, harder erections, increased volume of ejaculate, and intensified sensations.

ProEnhance Patch Ingredients

The patch component of the ProEnhance program contains a number of fresh natural herbal ingredients which are precisely calibrated to achieve penis growth. These ingredients include:

  • Buy ProEnhance PathDamiana, an herb from Latin America which is proven to amplify sexual health and is also a male aphrodisiac;
  • Fo-Ti, a commonly-used herb in China for the treatment of heart conditions, chronic bronchitis, and high cholesterol. Fo-Ti also strengthens the production of red blood cells;
  • Gotu Kola, an herb from Asia which is used to treat skin conditions and circulation problems;
  • Saw Palmetto, which is beneficial in treating urinary tract problems and prostate conditions, and is known for being a general body toner;
  • Ginseng, which is used to increase energy and relieve stress.

Buy the ProEnhance Patch

There are seven different ProEnhance packages available for purchase, ranging from a one month supply with a price of $68.95 to a one year supply for $358.95. The one month supply also includes a free bonus of access to a members-only area; each successively larger package includes additional bonuses, which include free male enhancement pills and access to additional content areas.

Shipping and packaging are at no extra charge, and the company offers a 100% refund policy if unsatisfied after a minimum of 90 days of use.

Does the ProEnhance Patch work?

ProEnhance is touted as a natural alternative to pills, which will appeal to men who don't want to take oral supplements. While ProEnhance can potentially have a positive effect on libido, virility, and stamina due to the use of damiana in the patch, the other ingredients may be beneficial to overall health but most likely will have a fairly weak influence on penis growth and male sexual performance.

ProEnhance would also benefit from the inclusion of a proven erection enhancing ingredient of the likes of L-Arginine, Yohimbe or Maca Extract.

It is unlikely that anyone using the ProEnhance system would achieve a similar increase in size to what they would experience with the use of male enhancement products with more effective ingredients, such as Erexanol.