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Magna-RX Transdermal Lotion

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Rated: 9.25 out of 10
by PenisGrowth.com

The makers of this penis growth cream claim that their product has a delivery system (which is not new to the market) that creates nitric oxide in the penis area. This boost of nitric oxide allows more blood to flow to the penis area, thus giving you a harder and longer lasting erection.

It costs $110 to buy a three month supply of Magna-RX Transdermal Lotion.

Learn more about MagnaRX Magna-RX Ingredients

Unfortunately, the producers of this penis growth cream don't have the ingredients available on their website, or at the very least, it is buried somewhere in the site. Many penis growth manufacturers have the ingredients right out in the open so potential buyers can research them and feel comfortable about using the product.

You are made aware of the transdermal process, and that nitric oxide or “nitric oxide science” is working to make you have a firmer, more powerful erection. Other than that, you may have to contact the makers of Magna-RX Transdermal Lotion to find out the full list of ingredients.

Applying Magna-RX Transdermal Lotion

Apply six to eight drops of this penis growth formula to the shaft of your penis. You can massage it in right before having sex or well ahead of having sex - it is usually up to the person using it.

Does Magna-RX Work?

It's not easy to answer the question, "Does Magna Rx work?" The producers of Magna-RX Transdermal Lotion do offer a money back guarantee - which many other producers of penis growth products do. It's unfortunate that the website does not clearly offer the ingredients in this product. It's a bit unusual and many consumers won't purchase a product such as this, unless they know what ingredients make up the formula.

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