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Male sexual health is an important subject that has recently taken center stage in not only the news media, but in numerous commercials and infomercials. This is because there is a renewed interest in the topic, and savvy manufacturers are rising to the occasions, so to speak.

They know that sexual health is important to men, and likewise, the possibility of long term and sustained penis growth with minimal efforts is extremely desirable.

Modern medicine has answered this call, but has used ancient, holistic approaches to achieve a safe and effective penis growth for men who want it. It isn't scientific hocus-pocus; it is a real, verifiable medical approach that can give men the length girth and sexual longevity they desire.

ProSolution Pills have aided men the world over in their goals of achieving genuine penis growth, claiming numerous success stories!

A close examination can show that while they can claim success, some of their ingredients may be a bit lacking in regards to helping men realize dreams of penis growth.

Learn more about Prosolution penis growth pillsProSolution Pills Company Info

World Niche Herbals, the manufacturer of ProSolution pills, resides in Greely CO. While I have nothing against companies based overseas, I will say that I always feel a bit more confident going with a US based company, as the rules and regulations that govern pharmaceuticals are a bit stricter here.

Directions for using ProSolution pills

Another minus in my book was that ProSolution requires that you take two pills per day. Most products ask that you simply take one. When one looks at the ingredients lists, one has a hard time justifying the need for two whole pills…


  • A one-month supply is $78.95. Bulk packages come with bonuses like DVD's as free PARTY GIRLS VHS tape and a gratis box of Volume pills.

ProSolution pills Pros

  • 6 month guarantee
  • Tons of valid contact information for consumer
  • Ready customer service agents to handle calls and disputes

ProSolution pills Cons

  • Some of the ingredients used are not as well known in male enhancement pharmaceuticals in regards to providing real penis growth.
  • Extremely expensive at nearly $80 dollars for a one-month supply
  • One has to take two pills instead of one, a headache for those who have trouble swallowing pills to begin with.

Do ProSolution Pills Work?

There were many ingredients in ProSolution pills I just didn't recognize as being used by manufacturers of male enhancement products.

For instance, while Taj and Safflower, Apigenin and Amla may be fine bases, I rarely see them used to provide penis growth in men.

I did recognize Zinc (gluconate), Bladderwrack, a type of seaweed, as being used in sex related sex products, but these ingredients are generally not the main source of significant enlargement—they were usually an aid to sexual performance or stamina alone.

The ProSolution website also stated that their products had something in it called Levodopa [L-Dopa], which was connected to dopamine although it doesn’t going into detail about how this helps a man achieve penis growth. I was unable to answer the question, "Do ProSolution work?"

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