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Many factors can contribute you a reduction in a natural, healthy sex drive. Among these are aging, poor health, poor nutrition, and even everyday stress. Fortunately, research has discovered a variety of remedies for erectile dysfunction or even just a lagging sex life. Numerous herbal and nutritional supplements can help you regain your desire for sex and your ability to perform in the bedroom. Some can even bring you larger, harder erections and encourage long-term penis growth.

Many of these supplements are available even without a prescription, and can make a dramatic difference to you and your partner. One high-quality supplement that can help you improve your sex life is Xanogen.

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Xanogen ingredients

Xanogen features major ingredients common to many similar male enhancement products, including horny goat week, damiana, maca, and tribulus terrestris. The combination of traditional herbal supplements and modern, state-of-the art nutrition makes Xanogen a popular performer in this family of products.

Xanogen ingredients include traditional herbal aphrodisiacs like horny goat weed and muira puama (potency wood). These aphrodisiacs increase your sex drive and are especially important for men who are fighting with diminished libido due to aging or other issues. Ingredients like Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, by contrast, are more recently discovered supplements that help increase circulation to the penis and stimulate production of hormones that produce strong feelings of arousal. Increasing circulation to the penis can encourage not only larger, more intense erections, but also can stimulate penis growth.

One important ingredient not included in Xanogen is yohimbe. Yohimbe is the only natural supplement that's been approved by the FDA for treating erectile dysfunction. For a high-quality, top-rated male enhancement product that includes yohimbe, one good option is Xytomax.

Xanogen cost

A month's supply of Xanogen runs $59.95, and significant savings are available for larger purchases. With a six-month package, you'll save about $120 total, plus receive additional bonus products. This pricing is fairly typical for this type of product.

Xanogen also offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, which is comparable to guarantees offered by other similar products.

Does Xanogen work?

Satisfied Xanogen customers report increased libido, stronger, harder erections and an overall more satisfying sexual experience. They also report penis growth after a few months of using the product. Overall, Xanogen is an effective male enhancement product. However, for a more complete male enhancement product that stimulates penis growth and also includes yohimbe, Xytomax is a better option.

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