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Does SizeGenetics Really Work for Penis Growth?

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All around the world there are millions of men who are suffering from a very common psychological ailment called penis envy. The most devastating fact of this phenomenon is that, unlike many other things in life that we all find ourselves envious about, this penis envy is actually something that most men have the ability to overcome. What it takes is mostly a sheer will to stop fretting about the problem and start doing something about it. So, whether you were born into this world with a small, short or just unpleasantly shaped penis and you want to change that all you have to do is tell yourself that you are just not going to stand by and take it anymore. Then you just have to step in front of the mirror, stare yourself square in the eye and tell yourself that you will no longer let a less than impressive member keep you from getting what you deserve in this life.

What are those things? Well, let's just start with the most basic instinct that males of any species are driven to pursue - females. And to be specific, hot females. Let's get real here. We've all seen guys who appear to be nothing special on the outside walking around with beautiful woman either on their arm or chasing after them. And, I'm sure, that at least for a little while, we have all gone through the phase where we looked around and wondered how this completely average guy could get women like that. Sure, in some cases it's about them having money and lots of it but in most case it's simply that they have something that we just can't see. And that's because it's almost always hidden in their pants. That's right, I'm talking about a big, wide and beautifully shaped penis - the kind that makes every woman's eye light up and the kind that makes hot woman attracted to a guy they would otherwise never even give a second look.

So, with that in mind, we are writing today to look at one of the most talked about methods for a man with a lesser than penis to become a man with a greater than penis. If you are a man who has been around the block a few times and hopefully done a little research you probably know that there are two main options when it comes to enlarging and reshape your penis and they're both centuries old. The first is through the use of herbal based remedies which can be found in various forms all over the world and throughout recorded time. The other is method of physically stretching the penis to, in a way, train it to be longer, wider and larger over time. And today we are going to examine this method and specifically, on company and group of product packages that have begun to make a real name for themselves - they are known by the name SizeGenetics.

Inside SizeGenetics

A few of the basics that you need to know about SizeGenetics is that they are owned and operated by Dana Medic Aps of Denmark. Whether it's a coincidence or not, Denmark seems to be the capital of penis enlargement devices as a number of the companies in the business today are based there.

SizeGenetics has an official website that offers not just a device but three multi-tiered packages that offer a wide range of products. Each package offers an ever increasing amount of add-ons designed to enhance the user's experience and help to achieve greater and greater results. Starting from the basic Value Edition through their mid-range Comfort Edition to their high end Ultimate Edition, SizeGenetics offers the basic device plus attachments for when you penis needs room to grow even more plus a number of creams, powders, moisturizers, wipes, books on how enhance your sex life and even instructional DVDs.


Clinical Studies and Approvals

According to claims made on the official SizeGenetics website their device has been subjected to numerous scientific studies conducted in the US and Denmark and has been approved by the FDA as a Type One Medical Device and has been endorsed by many medical professionals. They also claim that the device is 100% safe to use for extension purposes and for the straightening of conditions caused by Bent Penis Syndrome and points specifically to a study by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana as proof of its effectiveness in curing these conditions.

Furthermore, they offer multi-level comparisons of their device versus numerous pumps, pills and surgical options.

User Reviews

As always, we endeavor to provide our readers with the most comprehensive overviews of products that we review. In most cases we have found that, when examining products that make bold claims but do not offer extensive and verifiable user reviews, the best way to get to the heart of matter regarding a product's true effectiveness is to seek out as many independent user reviews as possible.

In the case of SizeGenetics we found that there were no user reviews published on their official website. In our opinion this is odd considering the vast and quite bold claims made by the company. Nevertheless, we searched online for independent user reviews and what we found was rather disappointing. It seems that for all the bold claims made by SizeGenetics their customer base did not feel, as a whole, that this product lived up to those claims. Most of the complaints seemed to center around the fact that the device was troublesome to attach to their penis and did not stay in place especially when the subject moved in any appreciable way. Add to that the fact that the add-ons offered with the upgraded packages did not actually enhance the experience or the end result.


  • Claims to be proven effective in multiple scientific studies
  • Uses traction tension which is a well-known therapeutic technique
  • Offers multiple upgrade packages with add-ons designed to enhance results


  • No officially approved user reviews included on website
  • Independent reviews tended to be negative
  • Despite claims that the device is 100% safe there are reviews that dispute that

Our Conclusion

For all those millions of men all around the world suffering from penis envy we have good news - there are products available on the market today that can change your life. For those who can afford it and want to deal with the hassles, recovery times and potential for severe medical issues there are proven surgical options. For others not willing to go that far there are the other options - Medical devices and related add-ons such as what SizeGenetics offers but, as discussed earlier, there are many potential problems associated with these methods. And then there are herbal supplements designed to use all or nearly all natural ingredients based on mostly century's old medicinal plants and extracts known for the properties which increase blood flow by building up levels of nitric oxide helping to push oxygen and nutrients to starved muscle tissue and sexual organs.

When examining all these options we keep coming back to the basic question - What is the best way for a man who wants to improve the size and shape of to get the results he wants without breaking the bank or hurting himself in some other way? Well, in our opinion the answer is clear and that answer is to seek out and use one of the many high quality and proven male enhancement supplement available today.

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