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Penis Pump - effective
for Penis Growth?

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A penis pump is a cylinder that is placed over the penis, with a manual or motorized pump to create suction, leading to growth of the penis. As the penis pump starts, a vacuum is created around the penis and blood is drawn into the penis, which makes it engorged. As the vacuum-effect builds up the difference between the inner blood-pressure and the pump pressure also increases.

The problem with a penis growth pump is that if you get too rambunctious with it you will cause damage to your penis. Blood vessels can burst and other vascular damage can occur. So if you do decide on trying one, be certain to read the directions carefully – and the warnings that accompany the directions.

How to use a Penis Pump

penis pumpMost types of penis pumps are the same. They have subtle differences in the quality of the material, from cheap plastics to materials that will last longer and you should find one with a pressure gauge. The major difference is in the manner in which the air is released from the vacuum chamber. Some penis pumps have a trigger device that you activate with your finger, some have a handle and other penis pumps use a ball-type pump that you squeeze with your hand.

Apart from those differences there are also manual penis pumps and electric penis pumps but they both work in the same manner. Some brands of penis pumps include Doc Johnson, Blue Veiner Pleasure Pump, Black Jack Stroker and the Professional Titan Enlarger Pump.

Do Penis Pumps Work?

penis growthWell there certainly are quite a few discussions or arguments about whether or not penis pumps work. For the short term they certainly work – your penis will become erect. The gains in length and girth are short-term if you have any gains at all. Most producers of penis pumps believe the benefits happen with regular and long-term pumping.

You will have to ask yourself if you really want penis pumping as a part of your life. The high-end penis pumps can be a bit pricey but if you are willing to pay up and dedicate part of your time to pumping then short term benefits may occur. For a longer term solution, consider penis growth pills