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Well-known Spanish aphrodisiac Damiana is a Central and South American shrub that flowers in the late summer and produces edible fruits. The extract from the Damiana plant is often used in natural male enhancement supplements due to its long heralded libido-enhancing properties.

Damiana Benefits

Penis growth product reviews Damiana can greatly enhance sexual response and performance. When consumed as a tea, Damiana has a very pleasant taste reminiscent of figs, and a nice, calming scent that will remind one of chamomile.

Although it has many medicinal uses, including alleviation of PMS symptoms and extreme fatigue, Damiana can also stimulate the libido and awaken desire. Clinical tests have proven that Damiana widens the blood vessels in a process called vasodilatation, causing a pleasant sensation in the genital area that helps heighten the sex drive. Viagra is similarly a vasodilator.

Damiana Side Effects

Very few clinical studies have been done on Damiana and the FDA has yet to officially document known side effects.

Damiana Side Effects

penis growth Keep in mind, that simply because something is all natural, or frequently used in all natural male enhancement products, doesn’t mean it is right for you. Many supplements are unregulated, so it is wise to ask knowledgeable individuals about the risks of taking any herbal supplements.

That said, if you are a reasonable healthy person, you should have no problems with Damiana. The herb is very mild and will assuredly give you the performance and natural male enhancement results you are looking for.