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Catuaba (Erythroxylum Catuaba) refers to the extract from the bark of a tree of the same name. The small, flowering tree is largely native to Brazil and the Amazonian jungles and has a ton of herbal and medicinal uses. The extract can often be found in numerous natural penis growth pills, as this essential bark is famed for its aphrodisiac properties.

Unlike a lot of natural sex enhancement ingredients that tend to be gender specific, both males and females can use Catuaba.

Benefits of Catuaba

Penis growth product reviews Catuaba Bark is not only used in natural penis growth products, but in all-natural or holistic medicines that help alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety and nervousness. Catuaba has also been utilized to deaden nerve pain and to counteract chronic forgetfulness to improve memory function.

Catuaba Side Effects

After intensive use in North America and beyond, there have been no reported side effects of Catuaba. Natives generally drink the extract in specially brewed teas and claim that this method makes the supplement more effective and fast acting. In regards penis growth, the bark is usually found in a pill, power or capsule. Either method will produce the desired effects in a number of days.

To date, there is no indication that one will experience adverse effects of taking Catuaba, no matter the manner in which one ingests it.

Catuaba Final Word

penis growth Catuaba truly sounds like a miracle extract for people suffering with sexual dysfunction issues, and perhaps it is. Sometimes modern medicine finds that it can learn a thing or two from indigenous peoples, who have learned much from centuries old traditions and survived for many years without so many of the modern conveniences we take for granted.

Men with ED or premature ejaculation problems would fare well to investigate what Catuaba has to offer, as well as couples that need a boost in the sexual excitement department.

Since there are no known side effects, one has very little to lose by trying penis growth pills containing Catuaba.